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Training at IbB Accident Reconstruction

In the field of automotive expert system, there are state or other sovereign access permissions in many countries. In Germany, the public appointment and swearing in the primarily envisaged in the criminal and civil procedure criterion of quality evidence. In Austria, these are the court-certified experts. In other European countries there are very different rules. Not in all European countries an engineering degree is required (see, for example the UK), because accident reconstruction is a very special field of knowledge that must be obtained through additional training. For more information see:

Why a IbB internal quality management is necessary in spite of all the demands of the above mentioned order bodies, is because they rarely provide seminars for accident reconstruction. In addition, arrangements for knowledge areas are missing and especially education for the young experts.

The periodic training with performance review is an important prerequisite for reports using the latest technology. IbB offers twice a year meetings, which are accessible not only by partners, but also by external experts. Experts who are interested in specific topics, find advanced training courses by IbB too.

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