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IbB Engineering is a company that consists of two main parts and each with several sub-parts. Below an overview is given:

  1. Freelance part (IbB Forensic Engineering)
    1. Preparation of expert opinions regarding the expiry of road traffic accidents and vehicle technology in general.
    2. Expert organization for the above mentioned subject matter with partners in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, US.
    3. Conducting seminars on accident reconstruction and vehicle technology.
    4. Lectures and publications.

  2. The commercial part (IbB Engineering GmbH)
    1. Establishing a network of experts in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), which are able to retrieve data from event data recorders (EDR) by the BOSCH CDR kit and interpret the data correctly. Conducting relevant seminars together with subcontractors.
    2. Official, but not exclusive contractual partner of Bosch Automotive Service Solutions GmbH for the distribution of Bosch products concerning the retrieval of accident related data from vehicles in the EMEA region.
    3. Official, but not exclusive representation for software products from Dr. Steffan Datentechnik Ges. mbH for Germany and Switzerland. Selling further software related to the analysis of data from event data recorders.

More details can be found in the corresponding sub-sections of this website.

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